Exploring Legacy Citizenship Programs: Dominica’s Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

In an era where international mobility and economic opportunities have become paramount, acquiring a second citizenship through investment has gained significant popularity.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs, also known as Second Citizenship and Passport by Investment programs, offers an accelerated route to obtaining a second citizenship and passport in exchange for an investment in the host country’s economy.

Dominica stands out with its unique Citizenship by Real Estate Investment option among the myriad countries offering such programs.

Understanding Citizenship by Investment Programs

Citizenship by investment programs has transformed the way individuals and families view international mobility. These programs offer numerous advantages, including access to better travel options, enhanced economic prospects, and increased financial freedom.

The essence of these programs is straightforward: investors make a financial contribution to the host country, often through avenues like real estate purchases, government bonds, or donations to government funds.

In return, they are granted citizenship and its associated privileges.

Why Pursue Second Citizenship through Investment?

The allure of second citizenship through investment is multifaceted.

The key incentives driving individuals towards these programs include:

  1. Expanded Travel Opportunities: One of the most tangible benefits is the potential to access many countries visa-free. Depending on the chosen nation, this freedom can translate to seamless work and residence options overseas without the constraints of lengthy visa processes.
  2. Tax and Financial Advantages: Dual citizenship can bring certain tax advantages and enhanced economic and political freedoms. Moreover, the financial security and welfare of family members can be bolstered.
  3. Business Prospects: A second citizenship often opens doors to new business horizons and facilitates international investment ventures.
  4. Cultural Immersion: Adopting second citizenship means embracing a new culture and environment, fostering personal growth and a broader worldview.
  5. Fast Processing: Some programs, like Dominica’s, boast swift processing times, enabling applicants to obtain their second citizenship in as little as three months.

Dominica’s Unique Approach: Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Dominica, known for its lush landscapes and natural beauty, offers a distinctive pathway to second citizenship through its Citizenship by Real Estate Investment option.

This program stands out as a government-approved initiative, allowing investors to become a part of a stunning eco-resort in the picturesque area of Soufriere.

The eco-resort, named Jungle Bay, showcases a remarkable track record of successful operation and development.

With a decade of proven success between 2005 and 2015, Jungle Bay closed its doors in 2015 to undergo an ambitious expansion and enhancement phase. The resort stands as a symbol of Dominica’s commitment to sustainable tourism and development.

Investors in the Jungle Bay project have a unique advantage: they can purchase whole units within the resort instead of just shares.

These eco-friendly cabins offer a serene retreat on a 111m² plot. The resort boasts 120 villa suites, with 48 already operational and the rest undergoing final touches.

Investment Returns and Benefits

The Jungle Bay project offers a gateway to second citizenship and presents a lucrative rental return scheme. With a profit-sharing mechanism, investors can expect returns based on occupancy rates:

  • At 70% occupancy, returns average between $11,000 to $12,000 annually.
  • At 50% occupancy, returns still amount to $8,000 annually.

Moreover, investors enjoy the privilege of using their property for personal purposes for up to one week each year, free of charge. A 20% discount off regular rates is applied for extended personal use.

Dominica’s Citizenship Program Details

Under Dominica’s Citizenship by Real Estate Investment program, a minimum approved investment of €220,000 ensures eligibility for a Dominican Passport within a remarkably short period—just three to four months.

Investors must retain their real estate investment for at least three years, although the option to hold it longer is available. This flexibility aligns with the individual’s preferences and long-term plans.


Dominica’s unique Citizenship by Real Estate Investment program exemplifies the innovation and diversity inherent in Citizenship by Investment initiatives.

With its focus on sustainability, breathtaking surroundings, and financial returns, this program seamlessly intertwines the advantages of acquiring second citizenship with the promise of a transformative lifestyle.

As the world continues to evolve, Citizenship by Investment programs are a testament to the power of choice and the boundless possibilities of international living.

Find global opportunities with Legacy Citizenship’s investment programs. Secure your second citizenship today and embrace freedom, growth, and adventure. Inquire now!