Frequently Asked Questions

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs provide foreigners with an immediate passport in exchange for a monetary contribution to the state or the purchase of eligible real estate.

The citizenship by investment program that offers the most citizen mobility and travel freedom is Malta. Malta passport holders may travel Visa-free to over 180 countries. Countries in the Caribbean Islands such as Grenada, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis and the Country of St. Lucia offer Visa-free travel to over 144 countries.

The application procedure is straightforward yet extensive. As qualified agents, we provide a detailed consultation to understand your requirements and advise on the most suitable program for you and your family.

  1. Background check on the Main Applicant and his family.
  2. Prepare all the documents to comply with the government standards.
  3. Submit the application to the government.
  4. Government conducts their own background check and then issues the approval letter.
  5. Passports and citizenship certificates are issued and handed over to the client.

An investment amount is paid in 3 payments:

1st Payment: Upon signing of the contract with Legacy Citizenship.
2nd Payment: Upon submitting the application to the government.
3rd Payment: Upon government approval of the client’s citizenship application.

The process takes around 3-6 months for all Caribbean citizenship by investment programs.
Golden Visas are Residence by Investment (RBI) programs that grant instant residency to real estate buyers. These programs also provide the oppurtunity to naturalize for citizenship after completing all criteria. Only basic requirements must be met in order to obtain a Golden Visa.

In order to apply for a second citizenship or residency the following documents will be required:

  1. All Identification Documents
  2. All Source of Funds Documents
  3. 12-month Bank Statement
  4. Medical Documents
  5. Government Documents (Provided by Legacy Citizenship)


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